2021′Wolf Sketch by Robert Bateman’ Prf $100 Fine Silver Coin (RCM-201572)20227

2021'Wolf Sketch by Robert Bateman' Prf $100 Fine Silver Coin (RCM-201572)20227

A Robert Bateman original makes the leap from sketch paper to 99.99% pure silver. If you find yourself unsettled by the wolf’s gaze, perhaps it’s the realization that you’ve locked eyes with a secretive creature known for its intelligence and strength. Fine silver coin is your opportunity to own a limited-edition engraved rendering of. By Canada’s foremost wildlife artist and naturalist, Robert Bateman. Like his photo-realistic paintings, Bateman’s original sketch captures the spirit of. In every pencil stroke. Those markings have been meticulously re-created to produce this precious metal artwork, which even replicates the paper’s “tooth” or surface texture. 99.99% pure silver. Robert Bateman (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse). Grow your collection of art by Robert Bateman with this 10 oz. A ROBERT BATEMAN EXCLUSIVE! This is the latest 10 oz. Pure silver coin to feature original artwork by one of Canada’s most widely recognized wildlife artists, Robert Bateman. Each photo-realistic work of art tells a story and reflects the artist’s commitment to wildlife conservation and education. THROUGH THE ARTIST’S EYE! The engraved drawing on your coin’s reverse is a finely detailed reproduction of. It even replicates the rougher tooth (surface texture) of the sketch paper used by the artist to create the original. In the original, the artist used an increasingly lighter hand as the background moved from dark to light. That gradation of shade has been replicated on your coin’s reverse, where the engraved “paper” texture gradually fades into a smooth, brilliant finish. WITH THE ARTIST’S SIGNATURE! Just like a limited-edition print, the artist’s signature is engraved on your coin’s reverse. In addition to the serialized certificate of authenticity, your coin comes packaged with a special insert card featuring the artist statement, plus a reproduction of the original sketch and the artist’s signature. Crafted from 10 oz. Of 99.99% pure silver, your coin has a limited mintage of just 800 worldwide. A lone wolf meets the viewer’s gaze in this engraved rendering of. By Canadian wildlife artist Robert Bateman. The reverse design re-creates the artist’s pencil strokes, while the gradual fade-out of the engraved “sketch paper” texture mimics the gradation of shade seen in the original artwork. The reverse also includes an engraved reproduction of the artist’s signature. The obverse features a field pattern and the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt. Wolves – gregarious family animals – do not often stare directly at man, or at each other for that matter. They are creatures of complex, almost chivalrous behavior, and perhaps they feel that eye-to-eye staring would be rude and confrontational. They do indeed make direct eye contact if they intend to confront. Perhaps this is why we find the gaze of a wolf so compelling. Perhaps the wolf includes us as a member of the pack… A feeling that is as exciting as it is unsettling. This drawing was executed on very rough paper because I wanted to give a feeling of the rough power of a wild wolf. I also enjoyed the sense of being able to share with others the feeling of the rough materials I used – coarsely textured paper and pencil. Robert Bateman is an advocate of wildlife education through learning initiatives, such as the Bateman Foundation’s Nature Sketch program. Based in Victoria, B. The Foundation oversees the Bateman Gallery of Nature, home to the largest permanent collection of Bateman’s original works. The artist has also donated millions of dollars’ worth of original art and limited-edition prints to help fund conservation efforts. Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a black Royal Canadian Mint-branded clamshell with a black beauty box.

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